Does this sound familiar to you as a dental business owner?

Evolving Happy AND Profitable Dental Businesses

Do you often ask yourself ‘is this what I came into dentistry for?’ We work with you to solve these common dental business problems.

  • Sick of micro-managing your team.
  • Too in the detail and struggling to step back.
  • Constantly having to replace staff and associates.
  • Profit isn’t where you would like it to be.
  • Fed up of compliance and fears of litigation.
  • Wish you had a better work life balance.
  • Want impartial advice about the value of your business, but don’t know who to trust.
  • Want the support of experienced, trustworthy people about growing your business.

Why keep doing what you’ve always done? Work with us – we will show you and your team how to resolve these problems and evolve a happy AND profitable dental business

Our mission is to support you in accelerating your dental business success through your people. Reducing stress for you, increasing happiness and motivation within your team and increasing profit for your dental business.
Our vision is that with our help dental business leaders will measure their success based upon the happiness of themselves and their team, as well as the profit they create.
How we achieve results with our clients


Get really clear on your personal AND business vision – one enables the other. Together we develop a plan to achieve the results you want, both financially and quality of life.


We involve your team so they become the drivers of a high performance culture achieving outstanding business results. Enabling you to step into leadership, rather than constantly solve problems.


Improvements to your patient experience increase the opportunity for referrals within your practice and patient loyalty, increasing revenue.


We review your current financial situation, profit goals are aligned with your Purpose and vision. Profit increases as the natural result of a high performance environment.

“Leadership is not about always having the answers. It’s the ability to bring your team together, so they feel as passionate about the future vision for your dental business as you do.
Team capability, loyalty and trust is formed.
Evolving a happy and profitable dental business”
evolveyou dental

Mitesh Badiani, Principle, Devon Dental Centre of Excellence Group
Lyn and Rob bring a wealth of experience in the dental industry, each having their own area of complimentary expertise.  They find financial improvements and they involve and engage the team.  They are skilled at growing dental businesses and I highly recommend.
Khalid Hussain, ex-owner of Dental Excellence Group, Ireland and ROI
They are personable, friendly and approachable people, helping to build a happy, motivated team, who know what practice goals are and how to deliver them.  Their support helped us deliver our growth plan and achieve the value my business deserved.
Steve Williams, Business Development Director, Envisage Dental
In the 7 years we have worked together Lyn has been thrust into roles which have seen her start from zero to creating a successful team, able to operate independently.  Robs knowledge about the dental sector and how to create value is second to none.  I highly recommend evolveyou dental.
Dawn Farrell, Chief Operating Officer, Rodericks Dental
If you want to work with a results focussed, insightful individuals with the ability to deliver strategic benefits I recommend you work with evolveyou dental.
Olusegun Baruwa, Business Development Manager, Swift Dental Group
Lyn was my very first manager coming out of University and has played such a fundamental role in my professional career development through her leadership style and her coaching.

Environment dictates performance.  In the right environment, exceptional results and high standards become the norm.  We help you to create the conditions that support outstanding results.

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