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Evolving Happy AND Profitable Dental Businesses

Accelerate Results

Many dental practices are standing on a mountain of untapped value and they have lost perspective as to how to release that value.

If doing what you have always done is not getting you the results you hoped for work with us and evolve a Happy AND Profitable dental business.

Reduce Stress

You do not have to make decisions alone. Our coaching and mentoring supports both you and your team.

Develop a Plan

Addressing priorities including financial, patient experience and employee engagement. Success is measured in terms of a happy team and a profitable business.

Accelerate Progress

With clarity of vision and strategy, actions and decisions are consistent and focussed. Referrals between clinicians and turnover are increased.

Value is Maximised

A happy, high performing team means you can focus upon clinical work and growing your business. You have the culture AND strategy in place, making your business a very attractive proposition.
From £1500
Business Health Check
  • • Assessment of Purpose, People, Patient and Profit.
  • • Questionnaire to establish current picture.
  • • Review of P&L and current turnover & profitability.
  • • Report of findings.
  • • Prioritised recommendations.
  • Invest in the 4Ps Accelerator within 6 months of the Business Health Check & you will receive your first month free.
From £1500
4Ps Accelerator
  • • Business Health Check
  • • Principal/s coaching session to understand vision, values and goals
  • • Assessment of team culture and patient journey review
  • • Build a plan
  • • Agree metrics
  • • Bespoke team engagement & development
  • • Practice Manager monthly leadership & practice performance mentoring
  • • Monthly Principle coaching sessions
  • Bespoke practice development support; marketing, clinical, compliance etc.
  • • 4 hours Build & Grow advice/consultancy
  • *per single practice, contact us for multiple practice businesses.
per hour*
Build & Grow
  • • Consultancy & advice on developing a strategy for scaling & growth
  • • Consultancy & advice on buying for the first time
  • • Advice on ensuring best value achieved for sale
  • • Advice on best value for acquisition
  • • Negotiation support
  • • Offer letter appraisal
  • • Due diligence advice
  • • Integration advice
  • • Investment advice and introductions
  • *min. 4 hours.

Bespoke Workshops and Coaching

If you have a particular need to address, or want a bespoke programme to accelerate performance in a particular skill set we design and deliver bespoke workshops for your business.

One to one, or small group coaching and mentoring is also a powerful way to support and accelerate focus and performance.

There are 4Ps to high performance which evolve a happy AND profitable dental business.

You are standing on a mountain of untapped value, we work with you to release that value.

By involving your team in implementing the 4Ps the responsibility for improvement is shared.

The result is an engaged, happy team who take responsibility for the day to day business, making decisions in line with what is needed.

Stress is reduced as you will be able to relax, knowing the business is run in line with your expectations.

The value of your business will increase as results are accelerated, through a motivated and accountable team.

Model which shows 4 ways to increase dental practice profit, by focussing upon Purpose, People and Patients, then results will accelerate and Profit increase.

We help you to achieve your goals


Reduce stress
Improve work life balance


Improve turnover and profit


Maximise value ready for sale


Build infrastructure ready to scale

Accelerate achievement of your dental business goals