Workshops and Coaching

You are sitting on a mountain of untapped potential – your people

Value is driven by your people.


Develop the skills of your people and you develop your business.

Happy, skilled and efficient people provide enhanced patient experiences.


The way the team communicate with each other and with patients is a direct reflection of the culture you are evolving within your business.

Bespoke to deliver enhanced results

Implementing what is learned on a workshop is key to return on investment.

With over 25 years experience of facilitating powerful learning events, we adapt to the specific needs of your team as they arise.

  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Relevant to specific needs
  • Powerful and transformational
  • Learning is transferred
  • Results accelerated

Team Workshops

Patient engagement; rapport, communication, options/sales

Team dynamics; developing trust, increasing referrals

Team communication; influencing, resolving conflict, making decisions together


Resilience and mindset

Leadership Development

Stepping up to leadership

Enhancing your leadership skills

Dealing with conflict

Appraisals which motivate & engage

Creating inductions for a great start

Managing performance

Giving feedback

Individual Coaching & Mentoring

A powerful way to accelerate performance.

To support a specific challenge.

Stepping up to a leadership role.

Improving Associate skills to increase income.

Moving into first Principle position.

Workshops £1250 per day, plus travel and accommodation where required

Coaching £120 per hour, via Zoom or phone.

Do you have a specific need? Contact us for a conversation.